Holding your Special Day at St. George

Congratulations…on your engagement and upcoming wedding! We are delighted that you are looking at St. George Church as a possible venue for this very special occasion.

Located in downtown Brighton,
St. George Church is a charming
and historic structure built in 1922. From its white walls and original wooden beams, to its deep red carpet and historic stained glass windows,
St. George Church is an elegant backdrop for your wedding ceremony.

To set up an appointment, please contact our wedding coordinator:

Michelle Klear

Traditional Wedding Ceremony Package

Package includes:
• Ceremonial Package includes up to 200 guest
• Four hour Ceremony time block
• 1 hour rehearsal 1 to 2 days prior to wedding
• Congregational Organist
• Wedding Coordinator
• Custodian

The ceremony date you have selected will only be considered confirmed when we receive your reservation fee ($1250) and a signed copy of our wedding policy. At which time you will receive a call from our wedding coordinator confirming your date.

All fees are non-refundable. Please make checks payable to: Saint George Lutheran Church.

The wedding rehearsal will take place the day preceding the ceremony at 6:00 p.m. This rehearsal should include all members of musical ensembles, readers, wedding party members, ushers, ring bearer, flower girl, registration book hostess/host, assisting ministers, family and/or friends serving in additional roles (e.g. readers, videographers and/or photographers).

Presiding Minister
An ordained minister on the roster of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, under call to serve as pastor of St. George Lutheran Church [or her/his designee] will serve as the Presiding Minister for all weddings conducted at Saint George Lutheran Church. Participation of assisting ministers is welcome but they may not serve in the role of Presiding Minister without the approval of St. George Lutheran Church’s Senior Pastor.

Wedding Coordinator
Please make ALL arrangements through our congregational wedding coordinator
Michelle Klear. The wedding coordinator will be designated to supervise the
preparations for your ceremony. These will be binding on the wedding participants.
You may contact her at 586-201-5350 or

Our congregational organist is Gail Boyd. Please contact her at 734-772-4038. as soon as the church office confirms the ceremony’s scheduling. If the congregational organist is not available to play she must approve any replacement. Arrangements made by the congregational organist will be binding on the wedding participants and her decisions are final. All music must be appropriate for God’s house and requested secular music must be submitted for approval to the organist no later than 60 days before the intended date of the ceremony.

The organist must approve any additional musicians no later than 60 days before the intended date of the ceremony. 

wedding pic